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Live every day like it's a miracle. 

Miracle of Mom: The Extraordinary Life of Ana M. Young is available today!

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When Ana Young is your mother...

No day is ordinary. 

The word "detail" takes on a new meaning. 

You learn the perpetuity of laughter. 

In the Miracle of Mom, Catherine Young tells the story of her mother, Ana Margarita Young, a native of Guatemala City, Guatemala, who was educated, married, and lived in the United States. Here, she led what Catherine describes as an “extraordinary life.”

Ana Young was only 63-years-old when she lost a decades-long battle with cancer.


Yet, as Catherine recalls, “My beautiful mother inspired me from the very beginning of my life. Everything I ever did was in direct response to her example. From eating blue cheese salads at age three, to wanting to shop at Talbot’s at age eight, I duplicated her every move in the hopes I too would grow up to be as magnificent as she. This love for her poured out of me in the form of this book.”

The family traveled widely, and readers will enjoy the author’s interesting anecdotes about visits to Guatemala, Disney World, and Paris. Throughout her life, Ana was sustained by her devoted family and her abiding faith. She told her daughters that she hoped her life story could be an inspiration to others. And so, with this book, it shall be.

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About the Author

Catherine Anne Young is a 28-year-old Tampa native and daughter of the extraordinary Ana M. Young, the focal point of her debut novel, Miracle of Mom.


Though born and raised in Tampa by her "Queen," Catherine has familial roots in Guatemala and personal roots in South Bend, Indiana, where she attended the University of Notre Dame. She currently resides in Cincinnati, OH.


In addition to earning a degree in business with a minor in Italian, Catherine's accomplishments include running a marathon and thirteen half marathons, speaking four languages, and traveling to twenty-three different countries (including time spent living in four of them).


Though Catherine takes pride in her accomplishments, her greatest gift has been the opportunity to write about her mother's incredible life.

Reader Testimonials

"So inspired to read for someone who is pregnant. I have read so many parent/mom books over the past 7 months, and your book gave me more advice and perspective than all of them combined."


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Queens tend to run in the same circles.

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The extraordinary surpasses the ordinary in all life’s stages, at all moments in time. The most extraordinary are not guided by fear, but driven by it.

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She is extraordinary, the most extraordinary of all.

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